TherapySafetyNet encourages uninsured New Yorkers to purchase health insurance through the New York State of Health

90310013New York State of Health is the new official health plan marketplace for New York. Enrollment in affordable health insurance plans begins October 1, 2013, with coverage going into effect January 1, 2014.

TherapySafetyNet has fulfilled its mission to provide referrals for affordable psychotherapy to uninsured New Yorkers by way of the passage of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.  New York is participating in the Affordable Care Act by establishing New York State of Health as its health plan marketplace.

Through the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the monthly premium cost of a health insurance plan for a low- or moderate-income New Yorker is roughly equivalent to the monthly cost of reduced-fee psychotherapy. Therefore, TherapySafetyNet encourages uninsured New Yorkers to purchase health insurance through the New York State of Health, and to use these benefits to cover the cost of psychotherapy. The provisions of the Affordable Care Act require all participating health insurance plans to include mental health benefits.

What to Expect from TherapySafetyNet

TherapySafetyNet has already begun to wind down its operations by way of no longer recruiting additional professional members and limiting the number of applications from prospective clients that our referral coordinators handle each week.

In the remaining months of 2013, TherapySafetyNet will continue on a limited basis to help uninsured New Yorkers obtain reduced-fee psychotherapy. Starting in October, we will also encourage uninsured New Yorkers to enroll in a health insurance plan through New York State of Health.

By 2014, TherapySafetyNet will conclude the wind down of its volunteer operations, which have involved a team of volunteer referral coordinators checking prospective clients’ eligibility and referring them to our member clinicians or recommending other low-cost community resources. For New Yorkers who remain uninsured in 2014, TherapySafetyNet will post recommendations for other low-cost psychotherapy services in the community.

TherapySafetyNet has helped hundreds of uninsured New Yorkers access quality mental health care since 2007. Watch this space in the coming months as we report the final outcomes of our work over the past six years.

Existing Clients Referred by TherapySafetyNet

If you applied to TherapySafetyNet and were referred to a participating TherapySafetyNet clinician for reduced-fee psychotherapy, you may continue working with that clinician at the reduced fee as long as you remain eligible and you and your therapist agree to the terms you have agreed upon.

We strongly encourage all uninsured New Yorkers to purchase health insurance through the New York State of Health and to continue working with your therapist using your new benefits. Ask your therapist what insurance plans they accept and use that information to guide your selection of an insurance plan. If your therapist is not a participating provider with any insurance plans, you may wish to purchase a PPO plan that includes out of network benefits. This will allow you to receive a significant percentage reimbursement for your therapist’s full fee.

Options for Prospective Clients Seeking Affordable Psychotherapy

  1. Apply for reduced-fee psychotherapy through TherapySafetyNet, bearing in mind we are only able to handle a limited number of inquiries each week between now and the end of 2013.  Check your eligibility for TherapySafetyNet and apply here.
  2. Starting October 1, 2013, Purchase health insurance through the New York State of Health. Every plan includes mental health benefits. Visit the New York State of Health.
  3. After January 1, 2014, if you are still uninsured, check TherapySafetyNet for our recommendations for other community resources.