Insurance premium rates approved for 2014 New York Health Benefit Exchange

90550011What the Affordable Care Act means for uninsured New Yorkers is coming into focus. Last week, Governor Cuomo announced which insurance companies will be participating in New York’s Health Benefit Exchange. The list includes many of the major insurers already participating in New York, plus the addition of several insurance companies new to the area.

An individual purchasing a health insurance policy for 2014 without their employer’s participation will find the premium rates for the highest tier plans half the cost of what they were for 2013. Actual premium rates are shown here. For low income individuals, further subsidies will be available, reducing the premium rates even more. Across all tiers and plans, mental health will be covered. This news is directly relevant to the core population TherapySafetyNet serves–young, single adults in creative and freelance sectors for whom health insurance has been too expensive, until now. Visit New York’s official Health Benefit Exchange site for more information, and starting in October 2013, for enrollment in affordable insurance plans.

Since 2007, TherapySafetyNet has been helping uninsured New Yorkers find affordable psychotherapy through our coalition of socially responsible clinicians. As affordable health insurance becomes available to New Yorkers, TherapySafetyNet will encourage uninsured New Yorkers seeking affordable psychotherapy to purchase an insurance plan through the Exchange.