TherapySafetyNet Final Referral Outcomes At A Glance

90280024From 2007 to 2013, TherapySafetyNet served as a volunteer-run referral service to connect uninsured New Yorkers with socially responsible therapists.

Here’s what we accomplished, by the numbers:

  • TherapySafetyNet received 711 inquiries from prospective clients.
  • 629 outcomes of these inquiries were recorded by our volunteer team of referral coordinators.
  • We tried to connect everyone who applied with a solid referral to meet their needs, whether or not they were a match for our participating psychologists and social workers.
  • Almost half (47%) of prospective clients met our eligibility criteria.
  • Of those who were not eligible:
    • 126 did not complete the application.
    • 124 were uninsured but did not meet our criteria, so we referred them to other community resources
    • 80 applied to TherapySafetyNet even though they had health insurance with mental health benefits.
      • Of these, 56 we educated on how to access their benefits,
      • and 24 we referred to a TherapySafetyNet therapist who participated in their insurance plan.
  • Of those who were eligible for TherapySafetyNet, 261 (89%) were referred to a participating TherapySafetyNet therapist.
    • For a sample of 161 eligible prospective clients, additional outcome information was obtained from the participating therapists who accepted the referral:
      • 71% scheduled an initial consultation.
        • Of these, 86% attended the initial consultation appointment.
        • Of these, 81% brought proof of income to establish their eligibility for reduced fee psychotherapy according to our sliding scale.

90280022TherapySafetyNet’s coalition of socially responsible therapists is proud of our contribution to the mental health of uninsured New Yorkers.

Cumulatively, we estimate 2,000 hours of volunteer service to our cause, and over $300,000 in healthcare savings by way of our sliding scale.

Today, TherapySafetyNet encourages uninsured New Yorkers to purchase affordable health insurance through the New York State of Health, our state’s health insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act.

Though we have discontinued our operations as a referral service, we continue to keep our website going as an archive of what we have accomplished and an information source for New Yorkers in search of affordable mental healthcare options.