Eligibility Requirements for Reduced-Fee Psychotherapy

Starting in 2014, each professional associated with TherapySafetyNet may set his or her own reduced fee criteria. 

Following are the historical eligibility criteria for TherapySafetyNet:

You may be eligible for reduced fee psychotherapy according to our sliding scale if the following criteria apply to you:

  • You do NOT have health insurance.
  • You ARE a New York state resident.
  • Your gross annual income is LESS than $60,000.
  • You are willing to provide proof of income eligibility by bringing your most recent tax return (form 1040) to your initial consultation.

If the above criteria do not describe you, then you will not be eligible for reduced fee services through TherapySafetyNet. Click here for other affordable resources.

If you do meet the above criteria, please proceed with completing your application:


Please note, as a volunteer-run collective, we are only able to field a limited number of new applications each week. If you receive a message stating that the client application is closed for the week, you are welcome to check back next week or consider other community resources.

updated 12/30/13

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