TherapySafetyNet is a volunteer coalition of psychologists and social workers in private practice in New York. Our coalition provides free referrals to eligible New Yorkers for reduced fee psychotherapy.

TherapySafetyNet is not a mental health agency and does not provide mental health services. Each participating professional is responsible for his or her independent practice.

Information exchanged via TherapySafetyNet.org does not constitute a professional relationship between individual respondents and any professional associated with our service.

A therapeutic relationship, if appropriate, will be agreed upon in writing following an initial consultation between an individual client and a particular professional member of the TherapySafetyNet network. In such a case, the therapeutic relationship exists only between the specific client and clinician involved, and not the entire network of professionals.

The information on any area or page of this site (TherapySafetyNet.org) and other sites owned by the practice of Geoffrey Steinberg, Psy.D. (drgeoffreysteinberg.com, chelseatherapy.com) is intended for information purposes only regarding available clinical services. The diagnosis or treatment of any particular disorder by the information provided on this website, or the links referred to by this website, is not recommended, intended, nor implied.

By completing TherapySafetyNet’s application for prospective clients, you are agreeing that your information may be reviewed by any of the mental health professionals who constitute the TherapySafetyNet network. A full listing of these professionals’ names and professional standings is available for your review in the Therapist Directory of TherapySafetyNet.org. Each therapist in our network is obligated to protect your privacy according to applicable state law and professional ethics. Your information will be maintained securely and will not be shared with any third parties outside of our network without your written permission.