Client Inquiry

Following is the archival text of TherapySafetyNet’s client inquiry page from 2007-2013. The terms described here no longer apply for prospective clients.

Let us help you find a therapist you can afford.

Have you felt discouraged in your search for a therapist due to high out-of-pocket fees? We may be able to help.

Each of the psychologists and social workers in our network offers reduced fee therapy to eligible clients. Our network includes psychologists and social workers practicing in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We ensure that each participating professional is licensed in good standing in his or her field. Browse our directory of socially responsible therapists to find the best match for your needs.

You may be eligible for reduced fee psychotherapy according to our sliding scale if the following criteria apply to you:

  • You do NOT have health insurance.

  • You ARE a New York state resident.

  • Your gross annual income is less than $60,000.

  • You are willing to provide proof of income eligibility by bringing your most recent tax return (form 1040) to your initial consultation.

If the above criteria do not describe you, then you will not be eligible for reduced fee services through TherapySafetyNet. Other resources are offered here.

Applying for our services involves two steps, described below. Feel free to email us with any questions along the way.

Step 1. Application

Accessing our referral service is free of charge. Get started via the secure, encrypted application:


Please note, as a volunteer-run collective, we are only able to field a limited number of new applications each week. If you receive a message stating that the client application is closed for the week, you are welcome to check back next week or consider other community resources.

When completing the inquiry form, you will be asked to agree that your personal information may be shared with therapists in our network who may have openings to work with you. Each participating psychologist and social worker is obligated to protect your privacy, and your information will never be shared with any third parties. A TherapySafetyNet referral coordinator will review your information and contact you within seven business days.

Step 2. Initial Consultation and Proof of Income Meeting

Once we review the information on your inquiry form and determine that you are eligible for a referral, a referral coordinator will contact both you and the therapist to whom you have been referred to give you one another’s contact information. Once you have been given the therapist’s contact information, call or email them to schedule your initial consultation.

During the initial consultation, you and the therapist may discuss the concerns that bring you to therapy, and he or she may offer you some initial impressions of what working together may involve. You and the therapist may decide together whether or not it feels like a good fit to work together.

The initial consultation also involves a financial assessment to determine your eligibility for reduced fee psychotherapy. If you wish to be considered for a reduced fee, you must bring to the first meeting proof of income in the form of your most recent tax return (form 1040). We require a signed copy of the most recent 1040 you have submitted to the IRS. Draft or preview versions will not be accepted. If a tax preparer has signed your 1040 for you, you must also show us your signed e-file Signature Authorization form (form 8879). It is very important that you bring your proof of income information to this meeting, otherwise you will be responsible for paying the therapist’s full fee.

Couples Therapy

If you are requesting couples’ therapy, you each will need to submit an application, and you each must bring proof of income. The fee will be determined by adding together both partners’ sliding scale-determined fees.

Changes in Insurance and Income

Once you are referred to a therapist in our network, you will remain eligible for services at a reduced fee as long as you remain uninsured and your gross income remains below $60,000. Clients and therapists will be expected to discuss changes in your insurance and income status. If your income changes, please let the therapist you are working with know so that he or she may reassess your fee according to our sliding scale. If you become insured, you and the therapist with whom you are working may agree to continue working together on mutually agreeable terms.

Clients With Insurance

While our referral service is meant for New Yorkers without health insurance or whose health insurance coverage specifically excludes mental health (for example, Healthy NY and some GHI plans), we may also be able to help you find a referral if you do have health insurance. Psychologists and social workers from our network who participate on insurance panels are listed here. Please bear in mind, if you have health insurance you will not be eligible for sliding scale services. You will be responsible for any deductible and copayment as determined by your insurance policy.

Request a Referral for Reduced Fee Psychotherapy

Uninsured prospective clients, please proceed here:


text updated 05/13/13