Introducing the New Website

Today the new TherapySafetyNet website goes live. We have developed a fresh new design with increased simplicity and usability.

As before, the site includes our directory of socially responsible therapists–psychologists and social workers practicing in Manhattan and Brooklyn, each of whom is committed to our cooperative vision of providing affordable psychotherapy to uninsured New Yorkers.

Tags are strictly applied to identify participating clinicians’ locations and areas of expertise. The tag cloud on the lower left side of each page provides easy reference to identify clinicians with particular areas of expertise. For example, the addictions and substance abuse tag will reveal an indexed list of therapists with that specialization.

We have intentionally omitted contact information for our participating clinicians on the publicly visible parts of the website. Rather than contacting a therapist directly, we ask prospective clients to submit a secure online application to request a referral to the therapist of their choice. Prospective clients may apply for services via the  Client Inquiry page.

For those prospective clients who are not eligible for a referral through TherapySafetyNet, we have provided lists of additional mental health resources, including resources for New Yorkers with health insurance and low cost resources for those without health insurance.


Whereas before our public and private areas were divided between two sites, the new site incorporates both information for the public and password protected pages for participating clinicians. Information for prospective clinicians interested in joining our coalition may be found here.


We welcome contributors to our news section. While our news section will continue to present announcements about TherapySafetyNet, we have envisioned this as a place for opinion and commentary on healthcare reform as it impacts mental health services. Volunteer bloggers, please contact us.

Please explore the new website and share it with your friends and colleagues. Everyone knows someone who is uninsured and someday may be in need of an affordable option for psychotherapy. Please help us spread the word by subscribing, reposting, reblogging, and helping TherapySafetyNet be known in the community.

About TherapySafetyNet

TherapySafetyNet was founded in 2007 by Dr. Geoffrey Steinberg to address the mental health needs of New Yorkers who would otherwise fall through the cracks. An estimated 1.2 million New York city residents do not have employer-sponsored health insurance, yet do not qualify for publicly-funded programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

Administered by its volunteer coalition members, TherapySafetyNet operates as a free referral service to connect uninsured New Yorkers with affordable psychotherapy in private practice settings. Each of our participating psychologists and social workers work with uninsured clients at significantly reduced fees according to an income-sensitive sliding scale.

In 2011, TherapySafetyNet undertook a self-study project to evaluate and document its performance over its first four years of service. The results of this project may be found here. To learn more about our coalition and the services we offer, visit




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