Michael Mance, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

“I am a clinical psychologist with training and experience in a wide variety of therapeutic techniques. My areas of expertise include: Relationship issues, Dealing with depression, Recovering from trauma,  Adoption issues, Adolescents, Family issues, Blocks to creativity.”

Approach to Therapy

“My approach to therapy is based on a deep respect for a person’s ability to achieve their own perspective on their life. Proceeding in an open and empathetic way, we will explore your day-to-day experience with the hope of finding potential solutions to problems. Over the course of time it is possible that we will achieve an understanding of how difficulties came to be, how to balance thoughts and feelings, and to develop new ways of dealing with troubling experiences.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“Wealth should not be a factor in receiving quality care, nor should socioeconomic status. I am also very interested in working with up-and-coming artists, individuals involved in the craft movement, and alternative thinkers.”

Professional License

Psychologist 018499

Reduced Fee Criteria

Reduced fee criteria considerations include occupation/income, availability, and presenting difficulties.

Insurance Participation

I currently accept BCBS, and am willing to participate in out of network benefits.


My office is located at 817 Broadway, Suite 524, New York, NY 10003. My number is (646) 480-3891. I do not communicate via email.