Elaine Janssen, LCSW

Areas of Expertise

“Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, coping with illness (acute and chronic), adjustment to life changes are some of the areas in which I work well. I have a background in the performing arts which gives me an understanding of the unique issues related to performers. In addition to my Master’s degree in social work, (1977) I hold a second Master’s degree in acupuncture (1991) and have an allopathic medical background in medical technology (1962).”

Approach to Therapy

“My therapeutic approach is a collaborative one, I believe in being interactive and encourage a dialogue while working together in a professional, yet comfortable, setting. Although psychodynamically trained, I employ an eclectic approach based upon the distinct needs of the individual.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“My main interest in TherapySafetyNet.org is based upon my desire to partner with a network that shares my values. I devote a percentage of my practice to lower fee clients because I feel that therapy should be available to everyone and should not be totally based upon ability to pay.”

Professional License

Social Worker R024679-1

Reduced Fee Criteria

Most recent tax return required to determine eligibility for sliding scale fee

Insurance Participation

Medicare, Cigna


37 West 72nd Street (Suite 1E)
New York, NY 10023-3411