Robyn Costanzo, LCSW

July 2015. Robyn Costanzo, LCSW is no longer practicing in Manhattan. She has relocated her practice to Westchester County.

Areas of Expertise

“I have been particularly successful in working with individuals in academia (both students and faculty) and those in creative fields. Most patients enter my office with symptoms of anxiety, depression, impulsive behaviors (including substance use), interpersonal difficulties, or simply to derive greater satisfaction from their lives. My intensive three year training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy has helped me to forge long term relationships with my patients as a means to achieving and sustaining therapeutic gains. My clients represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations and I work with those age 18 and older as individuals and couples.”

Approach to Therapy

“I provide a comfortable space in which to explore both the long-standing and newly developed difficulties you are experiencing. I bring to my work a strong appreciation for both the ordinary and extraordinary struggles encountered across the life cycle.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“I believe that everyone should have access to high quality mental health care regardless of their employment or financial status. As such, I devote a portion of my practice to working with individuals who find themselves with reduced means. It is often this subset of people who are most motivated for and in need of treatment.”

Professional License

Social Worker 077868 -1