Brooklyn Therapists: We invite you to join us in serving uninsured clients in your neighborhood.

TherapySafetyNet is inviting Brooklyn based psychologists and social workers in private practice to join our coalition of socially responsible therapists.

TherapySafetyNet meets the mental health needs of uninsured New Yorkers who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Our organizing vision is for every New Yorker to have the opportunity to receive quality mental health care at an affordable fee.

Part-time workers, freelancers, musicians and artists are just some of the New Yorkers who rely on TherapySafetyNet for quality, affordable psychotherapy. Many clients we have helped are employed by companies that do not provide healthcare benefits. Despite parity laws, some insurance plans such as Healthy NY continue to exclude mental health coverage.

Becoming a member of TherapySafetyNet offers private practitioners an organized way to meet the ethical aspiration to devote some portion of your professional work for little or no compensation.

If you practice in Brooklyn and are interested in devoting some portion of your caseload to treating uninsured clients at a reduced fee, we invite your application to join TherapySafetyNet. For full details regarding membership, please visit the Professionals page at

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