Cheryl Cornelius, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

“My practice in recent years has been largely treating depression, anxiety and dissociative challenges (which includes victims of childhood and/or adult trauma, family alcoholism/addictions,etc); adult individuals, couples, family dyads (parent-child, siblings). For many years I worked in skilled nursing facilities with disabled adults in rehab, and with elders in nursing care–a very neglected group of human beings.”

Approach to Therapy

“Anything that works: from analyzing dreams to career coaching. The day a client no longer needs sessions, is the day I have reached my goal.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“For what were we trained all those years?? Yes we have to make a living, provide for our families, but there has to be a portal for caring for our community as our careers ripen ( I speak for myself at 61 years of age)—we all did plenty of free and nearly free service during our training years–and that was good–in fact some of the best work I have ever done in terms of clinical creativity/insight–but now I believe I have something more,or different, to offer, as the inevitability of life passage gives me knowledge, maybe even some wisdom???”

Professional License

Psychologist 010314

Reduced Fee Criteria

Uninsured prospective clients must provide most recent tax return to demonstrate eligibility for sliding scale fees.

Insurance Participation



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