Evelyn Shaw, LMSW

Areas of Expertise

“A skilled, interactive therapist, I specialize in dynamic intervention with individuals and couples in their 30s and 40s who are facing both important internal and milestone life transitions. I also work with those who feel unable to make important changes because of obstacles like anxiety, frustration and depression. The key to deep fulfillment is a high level of self awareness. The development of this essential internal connectedness is a rich and intensely personal journey, for which I offer myself as an experienced, effective and compassionate guide. I maintain a diverse practice, serving clients of various racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. I work with members of the lesbian and gay community, with the disabled and with those from a wide array of professional backgrounds including lawyers, business executives, teachers and people in the arts.”

Approach to Therapy

“My approach is highly individualized. I utilize psychodynamic, relational, systems and cognitive interventions as well as coaching and supportive counseling.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“A key component of my professional mission is a deep commitment to social and economic justice. In my practice, the definition of growth has always included my ability to serve a more and more economically diverse population. I have served many clients who come to my office wondering whether they can afford me. The growth of my practice allows me to afford them.”

Professional License

Social Worker 042751-1

Reduced Fee Criteria

Sliding scale in accordance with income and special circumstances

Insurance Participation



61 West 9th Street, Suite 1-A
New York, NY 10011
(212) 561-1714
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