Janis S. McAdams, Psy.D.

Areas of Expertise

“Have you wondered about the difficulties you have maintaining relationships and friendships? Does your worry about what others will think make it difficult for you to be your most creative, productive self? Have you become depressed and hopeless as you feel that you are not fulfilling your potential? I would like to help you become less anxious, more comfortable with yourself and happier in your relationships. In a supportive atmosphere of curiosity and acceptance, I will work with you to explore how your perceptions and expectations of yourself and important other people came into being and understanding how these influence your life today, getting in the way of your finding satisfaction and happiness. We will work together to modify the repeating patterns of emotional reaction and action that come from these patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. I have over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist in a wide variety of clinical settings, including private practice. My approach to therapy is strongly based in psychoanalytic theory and technique, however, I draw on other psychological understandings and methods of psychotherapy to help you in the way that is best suited to the problems you bring for help and your own style of working.”

Interest in TherapySafetyNet

“I firmly believe that each person deserves the opportunity to benefit from psychotherapy. Having myself been the recipient of psychotherapy at reduced fees when I was I need, I feel it is important to ‘give back’ to society and the field as I am able.”

Professional License

Psychologist 011576

Reduced Fee Criteria

For sliding scale clients, a fee would be determined through a discussion of income and other resources available to pay for therapy as well as a consideration of expenses that might be outside of the ordinary. The client would need to provide some form of documentation to verify income, such as a copy of tax return, paystubs, etc.

Insurance Participation

I am currently an in-network provider for Cigna and 1199SEIU plans. I am in process of being credentialed for Emblem/GHI

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