Focusing on the five boroughs of New York City

At the time of our inception three years ago, TherapySafetyNet sought to serve the mental health needs of the uninsured throughout the state of New York.

Experience has shown this was too ambitious a goal.

As a small, volunteer run coalition centered in Manhattan, we have found it exceedingly difficult to make our services known to uninsured populations in the state as a whole.

At the peak of our membership, professionals working everywhere from Ulster County to Ithaca have been involved in this project. However, less than one percent of the prospective clients making requests for referrals were from people living outside of New York City.

At our most recent executive committee meeting it was decided to focus our efforts more narrowly on New York City, where the need remains great, and where we are best situated to respond to such needs.

TherapySafetyNet will continue to connect uninsured New York City residents with psychologists and social workers who are able to offer services at fees that uninsured clients can afford.

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